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Soprano's Lounge

Soprano's Lounge is not a club, but rather a friendly pub where you can talk to friends or meet new ones- 7 days a week. 
sopranos100Soprano's Restaurant & Lounge is located in a nestled area on the border of Griffith and Schererville.  An easy to find location that is within a short driving distance from all surrounding vicinities. Soprano's atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. Sopranos offers a spacious lounge with plenty of room to move around, sit, or dance. Check out the events section to find out more about upcoming venues from some of the best Chicagoland musicians, comedians, and DJs. 
Open 7 days a week, Sopranos has something different each day - live music, dancing, karaoke, games, and a room for private parties.  There are numerous large screen and LCD televisions throughout the lounge for sporting events; such as football, baseball, and even Mixed Martial Arts.  sopranos115Excellent region pub favorites provided by Romano’s Pizza is available in the lounge, as well as weekly and daily drink specials. 
Hosting a company outing, event, or private party? Feel free to contact us to find out more information on how Sopranos can help you make it fun, yet affordable.